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Hexcellent Squares of Cary, North Carolina

Hexagon dancing is the same as Square dancing, except instead of 4 couples starting out in a Square (4 sides), it requires 6 couples starting out in a Hexagon (6 sides). All the Mainstream and Plus calls that you already know are exactly the same, but the figures are a little distorted in order to accommodate the extra 2 couples. Once you understand this distortion, you can dance anything Hex that you could Square. Dancing Hex will really improve your Dancing By Definition.

Practically speaking, when we Square dance, we often rely on muscle memory. So to accommodate the distortion of Hex, some practice is needed. It all looks so strange at first, but when it clicks, you will think Hex is soooooo cool. It's stimulating and really a lot of FUN.

Experienced Hexagon dancers can simultaneously dance the same choreography called to a hall of Squares. That is what we do at Hexcellent Squares. Please join us.

If you think there are others at your square dance club who might like to try Hexagons, click on the "Flyer" and print out a few to take to your next dance night.